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All our staff have at least 5 years of experience in home cleaning
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Insured cleaners

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Office Cleanz Clientele

We bring the same degree of professionalism serving global corporate clients to our part time maid service

Spanish Embassy Cultural Office
Marriott Hotels & Resorts
Cotton On
General Mills
jungle ventures
Berkshire Hathaway
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Come home to a clean relaxing environment every day with our part time maid service
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Services Provided

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Thorough vacuum of all surfaces
Sweeping and mopping of floors
Changing of bedsheets and bedspread
Dusting and wiping of furnishings
Taking out the garbage
Clean and scrub all toilets
Doing and folding of laundry

Why Our Customers Love Us



At least 5 years of experience

Our part time maids all have at least 5 years of experience as full time maids before we hire them. They are adept in cleaning, ironing and all manner of housework. Compared to many freelancers on the market, clients find that OfficeCleanz part time maids offer the highest service quality



For your peace of mind

Our part time maids are fully insured with health insurance and workman injury insurance. Compared to hiring freelancers where there may be liability issues should there be accidents in your home, rest assured that when you engage us that is all covered by our insurance


LARgE Cleaner

Always there when you need it

With a large pool of part time maids, we ensure that your cleaning assignment can be fulfilled come rain or shine. Because we hire full time staff and not part time freelancers like many platforms out there, cancellations and no shows are also dramatically reduced

Lowest Rates in the Market

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Weekly cleaning hours may be spread across multiple days.
Getting your house cleaned by a professional has never been more convenient with our low rates!
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Customer Testimonials

Macs Music School

"Zhi Fang displays good attitude as she was early for her Cleaning Appointment. She also did a good job in the cleaning. Overall, a good experience with Zhi Fang and thanks to OfficeCleanz!"

Chery Qin
Cherry Qin

"Ms Dayang is a hard working cleaner. She does her cleaning job diligently. She also can arrange her work properly based on the unexpected special situation. We definitely will keep her with us!!!"

Kym Wong
Kym Wong

"A big appreciation and compliment to May Myo Thant for her excellent work in cleaning and keeping our centre clean and tidy. She is punctual and a hard worker who does her job well."

Tony L

″My office hired OfficeCleanz and I love their all in one service. Now when I get to work in the morning the coffee is made, my workspace is clean and I can jump right in!″

Customer satisfaction is our #1 priority. Let us solve your cleaning problems today so you can focus on what is important to you!
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How it Works


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The cleaner shows up at your doorstep at the appointed time


Sit back and enjoy a clean, productive and pleasant environment

You are just minutes away from an effortlessly clean home

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