Part Time Maid as a Cost Effective Option

October 14, 2018

In this busy world, maids are of great help. As a career parent, what would you do without a maid to watch over your kids when you are working out there trying to conquer the world? Not much really!

The thought of coming home to a clean house with no dirty utensils in your kitchen sink is relieving. However, having a maid in your house 24/7 can be suffocating. Who does not need their space? For such reasons, a part-time maid would be the best option. Most people have this notion that a part-time maid is expensive. Well, is that really true?

What do part-time cleaners do?

Regular maids will do all sort of chores in your house from getting the kids from school to grocery shopping. On the other hand, part-time cleaners will not do so much for their employers. A maid will only mop, vacuum and dust. On the brighter side, a part-time cleaner will go to the extent of cleaning your toilets and kitchen in addition to the regular cleaning.

When the essential duties are done with, you can ask the part-time cleaner to do tasks such as laundry, washing the dishes and even ironing the clothes.

Hiring an independent cleaner Vs. one from an agent?

Independent cleaners are a bit cheaper than cleaners from an agency. However, to avoid frustrations always get your cleaners from an agency. Cleaners from an agency would never fail you no matter what. In case your cleaner is not in a position to do the cleaning, the agency will organize for them to be replaced by someone else. Also, you can report any complaints to the agency and request for a change of the cleaner if need be. Independent cleaners could cancel on you when you least expected it. Others have the habit of slacking out when there is no one around to supervise them.

Cost of hiring part-time cleaners

Mostly, part-time cleaners will require you to pay them hourly. Some might want you to pay them by blocks of say maybe 3 to 4 hours. Mostly, the rates of part-time cleaners will range from $15 to $19 per hour or $ 50 to $60 for blocks of 4 hours. For the cleaners who opt to be paid hourly, they will impose a minimum of hours that they will work during every they show up. This option could be expensive but hey, having your space in your small house is important.

Are part-time cleaners worth it?

If you have a live-in maid, you will be required to pay a salary that ranges from $500 to $750 every month. Assumingly, you have a part-time cleaner who cleans your house 4 hours every week.

In a month's time, you will have paid them roughly $ 200 to $240 which is way cheaper than the live-in maid option. Well, a live-in maid will have done more work for you at the end of the day. However, for those of you who have no children to be picked from school or much chores to be done in the house, what do you need an omnipresent maid for? It would be only convenient for you to have a part-time cleaner.

Would it not be even cheaper to cost share the cleaning costs with someone? You can let the cleaner do cleaning for you and the people you are living with; then divide the charges which will make the deal even sweeter.

No need to feel pressured to call a cleaner if you are not financially okay. This is another advantage as opposed to live-in maids who will need you to pay them regardless of what is going on in your financial life. For example, if you have come from a holiday that has drained financially; you have the freedom of calling off the cleaning for the next one or two weeks.

Do not let the live-in maids suffocate you in your own house. As you have learnt, a part-time maid is cheaper than a live-in one if you look into it deeply. You have no kids or big family that need no close care, all you need is a cleaning lady every week. This will allow you to have the freedom you need in your home. You have already seen the huge difference in how much you would spend on a maid's salary as opposed to a part-time cleaner. Save the coins and choose freedom; part-time maid is the better option!

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